We breed our does usually in the spring or summer, so litters will be available in summer or fall as well as some older stock.  If there is something you are looking for, just ask!  We may have stock available whose picture hasn't made it online yet. We can also put you on a waiting list for future litters.



Currently Available:



Velveteen Lops

1 Ruby-eyed white doe (pet quality)

3 Black does (pet quality)

1 Chinchilla doe (pet quality)

1 Chestnut doe (pet quality)




French Angoras

None at this time




                         None at this time



We also sell bags of manure for the gardener!  Rabbit manure is a wonderful fertilizer that can be directly placed into the garden without burning nearby plants.  Each bag will have full litter, meaning shavings, droppings, hay, etc.  All of this is compostable and will increase the fertility of the ground.  Bag sizes vary, so let us know how much you need.

As it becomes available, we have pure angora roving for sale.  This will be raw wool from our rabbits, perfect for spinners.  If you have a request, just let us know.